Last dispatch – Francesco’s return to the Family home

by Sep 28 2022

For three months we have updated you on Francesco’s stages during the Go Isla Go ride, we traveled with him and met many people. Today, however, we will tell you what is the most important stage, which we do not want to call a goal precisely because, more than an end, it marks a new important beginning: the return of Francesco to the Family Home.

The goal of the solidarity ride was to cover the costs related to food in the Family Home, for three years. Thanks to the donations of those who supported this initiative and its cause, we were able to cover the costs of one year. For us it is however a great result because the value of the relationships created, of the people met and of the shared projects is incalculable. With the donations received, the first foodstuffs, preserves and long-life foods were purchased. During these months we will organize our pantry with everything you need and weekly we will also be able to buy fresh food.

Francesco and Flora return to the Philippines
Isla ng Bata has always lived on the generosity of private individuals, it is not financed by Italian or Philippine institutions and it is thanks to the solidarity of many supporters that it manages to support its projects and welcome girls and boys, giving them the prospect of a future different and the tools to build it. This is why participation in the solidarity initiatives we carry out is so important and we are truly grateful to those who decide every day to be alongside the girls and all of Isla!