Go Isla Go dreamers

by Oct 6 2022

Having successfully concluded the solidarity ride that led Francesco to tour half of Europe from Greece to the North Cape, we are rethinking the meaning of Go Isla Go and we want to extend the campaign to those who wish to engage in sports enterprises in support of Isla ng Bata and of his projects for girls and boys in need.

Go Isla Go was born together with Francesco’s madness. A good, enthusiastic and supportive madness that has led him over the years to undertake many important projects, including the foundation of Isla Ng Bata in 2004. Since its inception, Isla has welcomed hundreds of girls, changing the course of their lives. Over the years he has embarked on many adventures with the aim of involving more and more people in his project for the protection of children and adolescents and to raise funds to ensure future sustainability.

Francesco with a group of volunteers from Isla ng Bata

The events around Italy, the juggling shows, the solidarity rides in Italy and abroad, are just some of the enterprises that Francesco has completed and which in recent years have allowed Isla to grow and become the great, the active and generous family it is today.

Isla is lucky enough to have met so many people like Francesco: people who are enthusiastic and ready to give themselves to a cause they believe in. This is how the idea was born of bringing together in Go Isla Go all the adventures of dreamers, who have decided to do something concrete by getting involved in the first person and have chosen to be next to the girls we welcome.

Francesco during the solidarity ride 2022

Do you have a project in the drawer? A sporting enterprise that has never started, an idea that involves other people, a dinner or an event that aims to raise awareness of the issues of child protection and the right of every child to live protected and safe?

Do you want to give these projects a solidarity goal linked to the mission of Isla ng Bata? We are ready to dream with you!

Some of the girls housed in the Isla ng Bata Family Home in the Philippines

Questo sito diventerà per noi un barattolo dei sogni realizzati, sogni che guardano alla collettività e non solo al singolo, che hanno come obiettivo qualcosa di più di un traguardo, che siano un punto di partenza per rendere questo mondo un posto migliore, partendo da noi!