Stracittadina Fun Run with Isla Ng Bata! Sport and solidarity

by Mar 8 2023

As you know by now, Francesco – president of Isla ng Bata – will participate in the Rome Marathon and has thus launched a new fundraising campaign among all the new and old friends of Isla ng Bata. The intention is to involve as many people as possible to support all together the activities of the Isla family home in the Philippines.

There are more than 70 participants in the Stracittadina Fun Run in Rome with Isla ng Bata. A small 5km marathon that will take place on 19 March next, on the occasion of the Rome Marathon, the solidarity enterprise in which Francesco, president of Isla ng Bata – L’Isola dei Bambini, will also participate, covering the 42km.

The aim of this new solidarity enterprise is to bring together supporters, volunteers and activists in this initiative that links sport and solidarity and which takes place in Rome, where the story of Isla begins. We will meet in Via dei Fori Imperiali and, strolling through the streets of the capital, we will reach the Circus Maximus, where the Good Deeds Day – Together for the Common Good event await us. We will be present with a gazebo together with the other associations which, like Isla, are passionately committed to their cause.


Participating in the Stracittadina Fun Run with Isla will be an opportunity to support the rights of the girls we welcome and to participate in the fundraising campaign launched to cover health costs and for the specialist visits that many of our girls periodically need. With a donation, it will be possible to contribute to the costs of the pediatric visits of little Ayesha, who is only four months old; It will be possible to support the periodic visits to which Maria Julia is subjected, after having begun her rehabilitation-postural path; It will be possible to cover the expenses for the psychiatric visits of some of our girls who have serious cognitive delays.

Every kilometer traveled will be a step forward in protecting the rights of every child and will allow us to take care of each of our girls in the best possible way.

Francesco has been training for some time, and have you started?